Our current lifestyle is putting severe demands on the environment. Increasing environmental impacts necessitate proper and efficient environmental management and monitoring. This trend is expected to spur demand for various environmental (aka green) jobs.  For those of you – especially the young ones – who are still uncertain about your career path, you may want to consider these green jobs. Do Good rounds up a list of new jobs that will enable you to save the planet and earn a living while doing it! (source: thebalancecareers):

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The streak of wildlife sightings in recent weeks – killer whales, tigers, a black panther, and sun bears – in the state of Terengganu’s waters, highway and  rural village has caused frenzy among Malaysians.

People’s excitement aside, the wildlife sightings, however, may be seen as a hint of something not going well. The ‘friendly’ tiger named Awang Besul for example died due to Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) which caused him to appear with relatively calm and tame demeanor. The virus made him confused and unable to activate its predatory nature. Apart from that, the tiger was also dehydrated and had swollen legs.

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Are the wild  animals sending a message that they are in pain? And that their unusual appearance is a sign of a real human-wildlife environmental conflict? So, do we just wait and see or take their message seriously?