Seeing greenery can reduce your unhealthy cravings

Want to reduce your unhealthy cravings? Look at greeneries now.

A new research has shown that being able to see green spaces from your home can help in lessening cravings for addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy foods. The study, led by the University of Plymouth, is the first to demonstrate that passive exposure to nearby greenspace is linked to both lower frequencies and strengths of craving.

The study proves that exposure to natural environments correlates with reduced craving for a range of appetitive substances and the experiencing of negative emotions or feelings (source: Sciencedaily).

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It builds on previous research which suggests that exercising in nature can reduce cravings. It  demonstrates that the same may be true irrespective of physical activity.

Researchers say the findings add to the evidence that points to the need of  protecting and investing in green spaces within the vicinity of towns and cities so as to maximise the public health benefits such spaces may offer.

In the same vein, they also suggest the necessity of further investigation on the new found causality, linking green spaces and unhealthy cravings.

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