The air pollution strikes again in Pasir Gudang, Johor causing dozens of students to vomit and experience respiratory problems. Similar incident had occurred just months after toxic waste was illegally dumped in a local river, causing 4,000 people to fall ill, and more than 100 schools to close in March.

Residents in Pasir Gudang are paying the price of irresponsible acts by people who dispose the toxic waste illegally. Due to the saturated atmospheric environment in the district, such disposal will have an effect on high-risk groups such as children and people with asthma. There is a total of 2,005 licensed factories in the district, 250 of which are chemical-based. Some of these chemical factories are high-risk and are not  adequately buffered from residential areas and schools. Judging by the repeated nature of the toxic incidents in the area, it is clear that unsustainable development had affected the air, soil and river in Pasir Gudang, and eventually, the people of Pasir Gudang themselves.

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