Teachers play a big role in our lives as they teach us far more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach us life lessons and help us discover who we are and what motivates us to succeed. As such, it is important to respect and appreciate teachers who are passionate about, and dedicated to their jobs. Do Good does not condone any disrespectful acts toward teachers by students or parents, and we strongly believe parents should instill good values, including respect, to their children from a young age. However, Do Good also does not condone any act of violence by teachers in the name of disciplinary measures. Respect should work in mutual ways instead of one.

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Despite many instances and cases that show teachers are disrespected, there are countries where teachers get the most respect. China, Malaysia and Taiwan are  the countries where teaching is held in the highest public esteem, respectively (The Global Teacher Status Index 2018– Source:BBC). The study found that in Europe and Latin America, student attitudes toward teaching staff are far more negative than those of students in Asia and the Middle East. The study confirmed the correlation between the status of teachers in society and the performance of children in school. It is beyond doubt that respecting teachers isn’t only an important moral duty. It’s essential for a country’s favourable educational outcomes.

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