Ainul Mardhiah, a nine-month-old baby was suffering from mouth cancer (Germ Cell Tumour) when her plight was first highlighted in Facebook. Her story had gone viral on social media since then and  captured many Malaysian hearts. The words on social media reached a London-based Malaysian doctor, Dr. Nur Amalina Che Bakri, who then initiated an effort to bring the baby and her parents to seek treatment in the United Kingdom.  Dr Nur Amalina had appealed for help on social media to bring Ainul to London for treatment after a course of chemotherapy failed to send the bright red tumour growing in her mouth into remission. The surgery with the treatment cost estimated at over RM1 million took place on 10th June, 2019, and Ainul’s tumour which weighed 200g was successfully removed in a five-hour operation.

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Ainul’s story is a testament to how kindness-went-viral could save a life. Her costly and intricate surgery was made possible by a generous Malaysian public. Many Malaysians of various races and religions have prayed for the baby’s health and safety. Although not blood related, some had even sold their belongings to raise funds for her. As Ainul’s father said; “I have always prayed that I am surrounded by good people”.

Our kindness can indeed make someone’s dire prayer come true. Let’s be kind.