In the spirit of Ramadhan, Do Good is highlighting the values that the month holds for us to learn from. In this series, we are featuring the value of patience and how being patient benefits us. Patience is a virtue – a lifelong spiritual practice and an exercise in self-control. Patience is the pause that helps us to get our thoughts back in order, our feelings under control, and to wait out calmly our situation of frustration or adversity.

In that vein, we will highlight some benefits of practicing patience from the eyes of business people. Here are the 8 ways in which practicing patience increases your capacity for success (

  • Positive Rewards

You are unable to work towards your business goals in a dedicated fashion when you are impatient. Frustration is the emotional energy that drives quitting. Patience can reward you with positive recognition, greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, stronger profits or the promotion you seek.

  • Smart Decision Making
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Patience is your most formidable resource in making good decisions. You will stay out of the negative stories that can cloud your judgment when you are patient. Being patient will result in mindfulness to stop and focus on the present moment. By being in the moment, you are able to make a wise choice that takes every aspect into account.

  • Builds Reputation

Patience gives you grit and it gives you the ability to work steadily toward your goal. You build your reputation when you reach your goals consistently. It is when you persist and dedicate yourself to a long, hard struggle. This is only possible when you are patient with your progress, regardless of the pace.

  • Self – Possession
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You are in direct control when you are being patient. Self-possession is a powerful tool for success. When you are patient, you do not get overly influenced by your emotion which in turn enables you to give a good response. Impatience can be related to a lack of control and this leads to a lack of understanding and insight. You will fail to plan, communicate and set realistic expectations when you are impatient.

  • Tolerance

Patience increases your threshold of tolerance that gives you the foresight to expect obstacles and challenges. When you expect challenges, you respond with more courage, strength, and optimism. The more tolerant you are, the less stress you will experience and the more resilient you will become.

  • Hope
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Patience creates hope and it brings a continued renewal of belief in your desired goals and in the height you are striving to achieve. When you are hopeful, you have a natural resilience and willingness to keep trying because you trust in the possibility of a good outcome.

  • Positive team culture

Being patient increases the chances to achieve what you want. When you are patient, you are a better person, manager and business leader. With patience, you treat other people with a sense of decency, which may lead to a kind response.

  • Excellence

Patience develops excellence and talent is long-earned patience. You fulfill our potential with patience and through patience, you are able to deliver excellence. Success always begins with patience and the commitment to put in the due diligence necessary for excellence.