The Muslims observe fast during Ramadan. They fast from before sunrise to dusk, as a form of submission to God, apart from trying to experience the difficulty of those without food.

This is a story about tolerance and courtesy. A hotel In Dublin, Ireland has gone viral lately for serving a full course of breakfast buffet to a Muslim guest who stayed in their hotel. They made a huge effort to get the buffet all set and ready as early as 2:30 in the morning!

Every year during Ramadan, the Christian monk Father Mario al-Hadchiti goes to the streets of Jericho to distribute water and dates to fasting Muslims who are late on their way home at sunset.

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Also in Palestine, a Christian man goes to the streets of Palestine to distribute dates to Muslims to break their fast. Khalil has been doing this for the past few years as an act of respect and love for his Muslim neighbors and friends.

The renown footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo donated over 1.5 million Euro to Palestinian Muslims to break their fast this Ramadan. The Juventus’ player has been known not only for his soccer skills and prolific goal scoring records, but also for his generosity in helping those in need.

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We, too, know many people from different religions doing acts of kindness and going the extra miles to show love and support to their neighbors, family and friends. Let us talk about them more and mention less about the evil – as Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand PM  would put it.