8 Simple and Costless Ways to Do Good

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. YOU can be a hero who changes someone’s life. Or be the change to the world. Yes, YOU. Aristotle defines kindness as “helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped.”

It costs $0.00 to do good. Do not wait! Let’s do good, Let’s be a good person today.

Are you feeling aspired and pumped now? Do you want to do something good with zero cost? Here are 8 simple, costless yet amazing ideas to do good.

  1. 1. Give Like
    A like may change someone’s life. While scrolling your social media, it takes only few seconds to like a post from a job hunter or a recruitment post. Your simple act may reach the potential hiring managers and potential candidates. Linkedin, the professional network platform, for example has witnessed the powerful of likes that has helped many job hunters landed a job.
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2. Stay Calm
Do good to everyone including yourself by staying calm because feeling anxious and angry prompts a fight-or-flight response. The response will only intensify the situation. Stay calm is also good for your health, mentally and physically. Dalai Lama once said: “Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

3. Donate Blood
Donate blood and be awesome. A single blood donation saves three lives as it provides different blood components that can help up to three different people. How amazing is that! Blood donation is not only a noble act but a costless way to do good.


4. Say or Write Something Nice


To say something nice to someone is a simple social reward to the recipient that has a ripple effect. It can make a difference that makes the person feel better, work harder, help more, or be less negative back to you. You can say; “Have a safe journey” to the delivery persons who just delivered your parcel. Or write “good job” to your colleagues and see how it changes the person’s day.

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5. Don’t Share
Falsehoods spread like wildfire on social media, getting quicker and longer-lasting pickup than the truth, researchers reported in March 2018. False news on Twitter for example was re-tweeted more often than true news was, and worse it is carried further. It took the truth about six times as long as falsehood to reach 1,500 people! Moreover, some news or video like a tragic incident imposes or causes traumatic pain to those involved. Do not be part of the pains and do good by not sharing.

6. Do Volunteer



Take charge and volunteer in a cause that you are interested in. Not only you are doing good for the community but it increases self-confidence and improves mental and physical health. The benefits of consistent socializing include better brain function and lower risk for depression and anxiety. Interestingly, there is one volunteering way that can be done at your comfort home where you can record your voice to read audio-books or news for the vision-impaired or reading-challenged. Gateway, Librivox and Airs LA are some organisations that are always on lookout for new voice talent to help out.

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7. Sign Up As An Organ Donor


Organ donation is an opportunity to help others. It is a rewarding and the greatest unselfishness act. One organ donor can help multiple people; potentially to save eight lives, save or improve as many as 60 lives and enhance the eyesight of two. Receiving an organ can become a life-changing event for those people in the organ waiting list.


  • 8. Recycle


Recycling is important for the environment and serves two purposes; to avoid landfills so we can help in reducing air and water pollution and reuse the valuable material like aluminum cans and plastic and glass in other forms. Being innovative and unique as usual, Japan hopes to produce medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics using precious metals recycled from e-waste. The country plans to recover from obsolete smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics as it lacks in natural mineral resources. It is so cool and this is definitely a game-changing move toward sustainability.