The festive vibe of Chinese New Year is in the air. With bright spectrums of gold and red colouring the atmosphere here and there, people are expressing their celebratory joy in anticipation of this Spring Festival.

The mood in the virtual digital world mirrors the real world as well. Our screens have been coloured in red for more than a month already.

In addition to that, Chinese-related advertisements from huge brands are also ‘pushed’ into our view through YouTube playlists and the TV channels.

As the five-second advertisement preview is being played, we find our hearts captured and we become so engrossed that we even forgot to click the ‘Skip This Ad’ button.

The stories told are heartwarming — they carry good values and lessons. The ads take us back to our beloved childhood memories, they tug our hearts as we realize how our adult life has changed so much, and how everlasting parental loves are.

These are typical plots or scenes that revolve in most of the ads. These storylines evoke a sense of familiarity, don’t they?

Whether the ads managed to achieve their objective of nurturing brand loyalty — by way of drawing on good values for profit — or not, we cannot deny that the positive messages they bring are so relatable to us, particularly during this festive season.

Here are some of this year’s Chinese New Year advertisements by the “big-brands” from Malaysia. They’re really good that we feel obliged to share them with the world.

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1. “Heart” by Petronas — “I don’t have a grandkid to hug, I can hug you. You have always been a blessing to me.”


The big brother and “giant” of the petroleum industry, Petronas, never fails to come up with tearful advertisements every single festival.

The theme of this video centres on us being so occupied with our work. Our parents are given less attention, although they gave all they had back in their days to raise us.

Let’s love our family with our fullest heart. Make time for them, for they had given their heart and soul to us since we were born. Do not take them for granted and take the opportunity to fill with this festive season with loving memories together.

2. “You-Sang, We-Sang” by CIMB — “He’s crazy. He does everything to perfection.”


Have you ever met a perfectionist person? Or, are you one of them?

There is no problem with aiming for perfection, but sometimes reality isn’t what it seems. In our quest for perfection, we end up making the people around us uncomfortable when things do go our way and our attitude becomes intolerable.

In this video, Mr Wong is one of those people that demands perfection. In the end, he realises that it is togetherness that brings happiness, not the perfection that chases everyone away. As long as we are together and happy, it is already a perfect moment.

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3. “The ONG-est Hours” by Tenaga Nasional — “It’s not often we get together with everyone.”


This year, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the giant electric utility company in Peninsular Malaysia, carries the message of family togetherness in a musical and comical concept.

Chinese New Year is a great time for everyone to gather and create memories together, but that is not always the case for youngsters nowadays.

Using a play on word from ‘longest hours’ to become ‘ong-est’ (luckiest) hours, TNB wants the youth of today to make use of their moment with their family, and not to escape somewhere else just because they are not interested or socially uncomfortable with some of their family members.

4. “Belief” by RHB Groups — “I knew one day, I’d become a world champion.”


Inspired by the true story of Chai Yee Fung (Mushi), the world-renowned professional gamer, this video teaches us that having a strong belief in our dream will motivate us to work hard and to never give up.

Not to be forgotten, having a supporting family is also a great aspiration to nurture as our kids brave the real world to their dream. Dear mums and dads, let’s believe in them and cheer them on! They will give their best effort, as Mushi said, “And that was why I refused to let them down.”

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5. “The Spirit of Hospitality” by Malaysia Airlines — “Malaysian hospitality begins with us.”


Last but not least, this message by our beautiful Malaysian airline has managed to capture our hearts the most.

This underlying message of this video is to tell us that having the spirit of providing good hospitality to people is an admirable value to inculcate within all of us. Offering help to people by assisting them in taking a photo, cleaning up the mess, showing the directions to those who are lost, expressing gratitude through gifts, and even ensuring an individual sleeps comfortably are all acts of kindness that we are all capable of doing.

The good flight attendant is so engrossed in doing good that he spends most his time serving other people. We can see that his heart and intentions are noble and pure. He does these good deeds not because he feels they are his obligations or because he feels responsible to preserve the good name of the company, but because he genuinely cares for people so much.

All these advertisements highlight so many lessons and values. (Disclaimer: we are not being paid to promote these videos.) With the abundance of such videos, we’re confident that this new year will be filled with good and righteous deeds.

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!