1. Start with Something Small.

Sometimes we find ourselves lazy because there are so many tasks to do that we become overwhelmed and end up not doing any of them.

Start by tackling some of the small, simple tasks and before you know it, all the tasks will be done in no time!

2. Turn a Deaf Ear to Your Negative Inner Voice.

Listening to such destructive inner voice would make you further believe that you are truly a lazy person.

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Compliment yourself. Fake your positive mind, if you need to.

They say you need to ‘fake it till you believe it’.

3. Go for Fun.

No, not that purposeless fun. Pick a fun activity that can bring some benefit to you and do it.

Even learning to bake chocolate cookies or a dance workout will do!

4. Jump out of the Bed.

Bear this in mind: the snooze button ruins your day.

Staying longer in your comfy bed won’t make you more energetic, it is just the opposite. As the saying goes, “You snooze, you lose”.

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5. Declutter Your Mind.

You actually have things to do but they are wandering aimlessly inside your head, making you feel like a confused sloth.

Write them down and put it somewhere visible so your mind is organised and be at ease.

6. Be Tidy.

Just like your mind, maybe it is your surrounding or workplace that brings the idleness in you.

Organise it and you’ll feel much better. Too lazy to do so? Start by just getting up.

Once you have taken the first step, the rest will follow suit. Just get up and declutter, even with your slow pace!

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