1. Make Way for Those Going Uphills.

It is true that the law of physics makes your momentum of going downhill faster than a toupee getting swept away in a hurricane.

But going uphill is hard and having to change one’s speed can ruin the momentum.

So, give priority to those plodding upwards should you encounter them along your way downwards.

2. Be Considerate and Leave No Waste Behind.

Stay on the existing trail. Don’t alter the nature to your liking or try to bring home souvenirs by picking up things you are prohibited from.

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Clean up after and pack out everything you brought including the biodegradable food waste. Even though they are nature-friendly in principle, they still take time to decompose.

3. Be Mindful and Control the Noise.

Keep the sound and voice down, be it from electronic devices or loud talking.

Make no unnecessary noise. Behave as though you are in a library or watching a theatre play.

Listen to the tranquil sounds of the wilderness and let the other hikers enjoy the calmness too without you ruining their pleasure.

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