The Secret to Success in Business? Never, Ever Tell a Lie.

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Campbell interviewed a successful entrepreneur by the name of Peter.

“Telling lies is the No. 1 reason entrepreneurs fail,” Peter insists.

Why is that? Peter explained: “It is not because telling lies makes you a bad person, but because the act of lying plucks you from the present, preventing you from facing what is really going on in your world.”

“Every time you overreport a metric, underreport a cost, or are less than honest with a client or a member of your team, you create a false reality & you start living in it.”

“You know the right path to take, yet choose another. And in doing so, you lose control of the situation.”

“Now, rather than tackling the problem head-on, you have to manage the fallout from the lie.”

Peter said that he knows people who seem to have spent their entire careers inflating the truth, then fighting to meet the expectations they have set.”


BE HONEST in business & life! Honesty is the best policy, isn’t it?

About the Author:

Syuaib, who works best from behind the scene, is Do Good’s Research and Publication Executive. A graduate with double majors in both the fields of religious study and biotechnology, he is also the Vice President for Malaysian Association of Youth Harmony, leading the movement of over 2,000 youths nationwide. He is also actively participating in other NGOs and engaging various civil society groups, holding the firm belief that a combination of universal values together with regular and social media engagements is the key for a better world.
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