1. Doctors

“Doc, I’m not feeling well.”

And that is very ambiguously described. From the earliest meeting with the patient, a doctor has to have multiple dialogues based on multiple options to look for the pain points, suggest the medication, and beg for the patients to take it regularly.

The most challenging part would be during surgery. A little mistake would cost a doctor his profession.

2. Call Centre

“I want to speak to your boss, right now!”

Nobody would bother to flood the call centre except for filing complaints. Despite being paid a low wage, the staff from the call centre are the ‘frontliners’ of a company for both new and returning customers.

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Imagine coming to work daily with the expectation of facing anger and annoyance from people all day long.

3. Special Education Teacher

“We don’t stop at a ‘no’.”

From anything they could be teaching, they dedicate their time to students with disabilities. It is crucial for the teachers to understand the students and their learning styles because each individual is different.

Some of these special kids – kids with autism, for example – live in their own magnificent world, so they can’t tell whether you’re being angry, funny or having fun with them when you scold them or raise your voice.

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4. Home Aide

 “I paid you not to be at leisure!”

While they are not usually being paid much, they were just taking their breath after finishing all the tiring house chores when they came into the sight of the employer.

Not to mention verbal and physical assault actually suffered by some.

5. Designer

“It seems nice, but could you please drag down the text?”

A designer has to be creative to produce the best result for his or her client.

Sad to say, most of the time they have to submit to the client’s not-so-creative and ridiculous demands, let alone the insignificant price compared to their time spent day and night, shedding tears and sweat.

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6. Mother

“Mom, why the train is not flying and it’s running?”

Starting from the womb, it takes much determination to raise a kid. Being a mother is a kind of profession that you just can’t leave or switch throughout your lifespan, it becomes an integral part of your life.

And what makes mother the most patient of all compared to the previous? A mother does not get paid with money, yet she wholeheartedly gives all her life for that profession.


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