1. Babies can learn that hard work pays off

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Babies who watched an adult struggle to reach two different goals before succeeding tried harder at their own difficult task than babies who saw an adult succeed effortlessly. This outcome is reported from a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

You think being hardworking is all about raising kids? Not really. Marriage also requires hard work. Read our article “Hard Work in Marriage That You Might Never Take Seriously Before”.

2. Being honest will make you healthier.

{SCHEDULED} DG - FUN FACTS 2 - Being honest will make you healthier

A study by Anita E. Kelly, PhD, presented at the American Psychological Association 2012 Annual Convention reported that being honest will make us healthier.

Perhaps, that is why the old, sick, soon-to-die emperor of China once put emphasis on honesty as a strict prerequisite character of his heir. Our article “China Folktale: An Empty Pot for The Emperor and What Ping Wanted to Teach Us” touches also on whether a white lie should be tolerable or not in our society.

3.  Patience is not about being subservient.

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A lot of people misunderstand the concept of patience. To them, patience is about being silent, servile and subservient, i.e. passively accepting the situation you are in, as it has been decided by fate.

This is astonishingly incorrect, substantially in the context of oppression. You might want to read on how being patience is in reclaiming the rights of the oppressed. Hop on to our article “I am being Oppressed, Should I Just Stay Put and Be Patient?”.