3 Reasons Why It Is Easier to Do Good with Your Friends

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1. Intensifies Your Emotion.

A study showed that happiness is expressed stronger with other people around, especially with your close friends.

Doing good with your friends would feel more enjoyable & memorable due to having somebody share your emotions.

2. Reduce Embarrassment and Fear

If a particular good deed is new to you but your friend has done it before, you’d feel confident & you’re not afraid of doing it because of your friend’s presence.

You’re able to try & learn something new together & you don’t have to feel embarrassed because you’re not alone.

3. Push Each Other Forward.

Our determination to do good will fluctuate over time, just like our friends’.

However, by doing it together, you’d have each other to regularly motivate, initiate & inspire through the ups & downs.

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About the Author:

Syuaib, who works best from behind the scene, is Do Good’s Research and Publication Executive. A graduate with double majors in both the fields of religious study and biotechnology, he is also the Vice President for Malaysian Association of Youth Harmony, leading the movement of over 2,000 youths nationwide. He is also actively participating in other NGOs and engaging various civil society groups, holding the firm belief that a combination of universal values together with regular and social media engagements is the key for a better world.