Strike the iron while it’s hot, this kindergarten teacher says (Video)

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Strike the iron while it's hot, this kindergarten teacher says.

She realises that to make a difference, it has to start from as early as kindergarten.

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Posted by Do Good on Monday, June 11, 2018

These kindergarteners from Keene Elementary School, North Texas start their day with a meaningful handshake & smile.

Ashley Coston Taylor, a teacher for almost 18 years, believes that she has to do something that will make a difference.

Partially triggered by the school shootings, Taylor wants a classroom where her “little angels” believe that they are accepted and have friends.

“Maybe if some of those kids had felt like someone was on their side, things would have happened differently,” she told McClatchy Newspapers.

Therefore she makes the kids line up every morning before entering the classroom.

One student would act as a “greeter”, then the other kids give the greeter a handshake and say good morning.

Taylor posted the video on her Facebook, which has since gone viral & touched the hearts of thousands.

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