3 Quick Tips to Like Yourself More

|||3 Quick Tips to Like Yourself More

1. Retell the story

When you notice yourself judging yourself, stop, think of yourself like you would a friend & say something compassionate instead.

2. Embrace your strength

By denying your strengths, you’re denying who you are & that wounds your self-esteem. If you’re complimented, don’t play it down, say thank you.

3. Seek positive vibe

Find friends or communities where people celebrate their strengths & who they are. It would be easier to relax into a space of self-acceptance.

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Syuaib, who works best from behind the scene, is Do Good’s Research and Publication Executive. A graduate with double majors in both the fields of religious study and biotechnology, he is also the Vice President for Malaysian Association of Youth Harmony, leading the movement of over 2,000 youths nationwide. He is also actively participating in other NGOs and engaging various civil society groups, holding the firm belief that a combination of universal values together with regular and social media engagements is the key for a better world.